Exclusive leathers like nature itself

Leather is a durable and comfortable natural material, with a special finish that makes it easy to care for. By choosing leather, you opt for a unique and natural product. Although natural characteristics such as grain or roughness may appear on the cowhide, these are part of its authenticity.

Keyton uses high quality European leathers known for their softness, pleasant texture and characteristic natural leather scent, ensuring cozy comfort. It is one of the few massage chair manufacturers globally to offer customization through a wide range of leathers and colors.





Heritage leather

Soft and durable. They maintain their unalterable beauty over the years.

Black Charcoal

H358 Chocolate

H332 Marble

Snow White

H134 Beige

H4492 Pecan

H699 Sand

H4450 Maroon

H308 Ghianda

H158 Nebbia

L2208 Vetro

H316 Silver Grey

H4460 Ceneri

H344 Atlantic

H407 Clover

H304 Rosso

H394 Tangerine

H100 Pumpkin

H368 Lavender

H440 Taupe

H384 Burdeos

H8371 Olive

H305 Terracotta

H356 Mediterranean

Legacy leather

High quality leather, with soft texture, silky touch and semi-opaque appearance. Each Keyton armchair with this leather is a unique and exclusive object.

Legacy 100

Legacy 120

Legacy 160

Legacy 220

Legacy 300

Legacy 360

Legacy 380

Legacy 400

Legacy 420

Legacy 430

Legacy 440

Legacy 500

Legacy 520

Legacy 610

Legacy 640

Legacy 660

Legacy 710

Legacy 730

Legacy 740

Legacy 860

Legacy 900

Daytona fabric

Smooth and perfect fabrics, in a wide range of colors, that inspire and free the imagination.

Daytona 49

Daytona 60

Daytona 76

Daytona 77

Daytona 78

Daytona 80

Daytona 81

Daytona 86

Daytona 91

Daytona 98

Daytona 102

Daytona 108

Daytona 109

Daytona 110

Daytona 131

Daytona 137

Daytona 138

Daytona 139

Daytona 142

Daytona 145

Daytona 146

Daytona 152

Daytona 155

Daytona 156

Daytona 157

Daytona 158

Daytona 163

Daytona 164

Daytona 165

Daytona 183