Technical service
2-year warranty
32 years of experience
Leading European manufacturer
Technical service
2-year warranty
32 years of experience
Leading European manufacturer

A massage adapted to you without leaving your home.

At KEYTON we have been creating technology and designs conceived to take care of you for more than three decades. Everyday stress and poor postural hygiene generate muscular tensions that are difficult to relieve. KEYTON technology provides you with scientifically proven benefits. Its continued use relieves tension, promotes muscle recovery and relaxation.

A healthy body, an active mind, a calm spirit; enjoy the journey while pampering your well-being.

It is built with simplicity, taking care of your environment and yourself. The result shines in the form of happiness.
Do you take care of yourself?

The pleasure of taking care of yourself?

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Incorporate your KEYTON moment every day
and enjoy your well-being.
Taking care of yourself is as easy as a click of a button.

Everything you can imagine in our massage chairs.


Everything you can imagine in our massage chairs.


Massages the back with precision - Stimulates with gentle tapping - Stretches the back muscles.


Combines various Shiatsu techniques in the neck and shoulder area, relieving tension in the area.


Relieves physical and psychological tension by applying pressure to all points of the back and legs.


Helps muscle relaxation and recovery, very effective before and after sport.


Stimulates the points that mitigate fatigue and gives a feeling of relaxation. Helps you to fall asleep and get a good night's sleep.


You can vary the intensity whenever you want. An artificial intelligence system memorizes your choice and adapts it.


An effective relief of tiredness and heaviness that reduces tension and pain.


Relaxes the lower back. Suitable for people who, due to their lifestyle, spend many hours sitting.


Combines various leg massage techniques to activate the circulation in the area.


You can adjust the chair to your favorite position with a one-click operation.


Take care of your skin in a different way; activate blood circulation and improve the appearance of your skin.


It's time to get started!

Remember, your KEYTON has memorized your favorite massages and, with a simple click, all you have to do is enjoy and relax.

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Quality & Warmth.

Heritage leather has a smooth texture, with a uniform appearance. A leather of the highest quality, selected to provide greater protection, resistance and durability. Its silky and soft touch transmits a sensation of comfort during massages.

The art of self-care?

Every detail.

Top quality oak wood, to give shape to modern and elegant armrests. Ergonomically designed, they offer perfect support, both during a massage and when used for rest or relaxation.

You add the color.

We give you the canvas: design, comfort, well-being, balance...

Backed by science.
Ratified by our customers.

“When I bought my KEYTON massage chair two years ago, my wife reproached me for being whimsical. Now she uses it as much as I do to improve the circulation in her legs. To my surprise on my birthday, she gave me a new KEYTON massage chair. Now with two massage chairs in our living room, every night we enjoy our massage sessions together.”

cita Antonio Muñoz Doñate; 52 years old, hotel businessman. Madrid.

“Although I am relatively young, I have always suffered from back pain. The constant discomfort prevented me from standing for long periods of time. This conditioned my life. After a year with my chair, I can now stand in queues for as long as it takes without pain. I couldn't be more grateful. This KEYTON chair has definitely changed my life.”

cita Édith Faurer; 39 years old, financial services. Bordeaux.

“We have had a KEYTON massage chair at home since 2004. We bought it when we read the news that the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, had bought it because he could not balance his stressful schedule with that of his personal masseur. Seventeen years have passed and I am still grateful to Mr. Blair and to the manager of the Hilton Hotel in Rome who recommended it to him. There are no words to explain how this massage chair has improved my life and my husband's life. Since we bought it, many friends and family members who have come to our home and tried it have bought one. I am sure that, after 17 years, former Prime Minister Blair still enjoys his chair as much as my husband and I do.”

cita Andrea Kramp; 46 years old, industrial engineer. Hamburg.