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with natural leather in contact with you

Genuine leather: Sophisticated and exclusive

It is natural, healthy and fits your body like a glove. Its exclusive touch and magical aroma provide you with an unparalleled restorative massage experience. It is comfortable and becomes even more pleasant to the touch over the years.


KEYTON is not just another piece of furniture in your living room; it is an investment in your well-being and that of your loved ones.

Scientifically proven benefits

Reduces stress by 42%

The study carried out by the Kinesiology Research Unit of the Department of Morphological Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia concludes that the Keyton massage chair reduces stress by 42%. It is recommended to use it before playing sports because it delays the symptoms of fatigue, and afterwards, it facilitates relaxation and muscle recovery. massage chair reduces muscle tension by 42%. He recommends its use before sports because it delays the symptoms of fatigue, and afterwards, it facilitates relaxation and muscle recovery.

Relieves neck tension by more than 21%.

The study conducted by the Biomedical Neuroengineering Research Group (NBIO) of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche concludes that the Keyton massage chair reduces cervical tensions by more than 21%. And recommends its use for those people who in their daily life suffer tensions and overloads in the back muscles, especially in the cervical region.

The art of making incredibly sophisticated technology simple to use, thus making your life more comfortable, rather than more complex.

SensorScan Pro

The SensorScan Pro touch sensors of the H10’s new ‘TEST’ function analyze up to 128 points on your back to monitor your muscle tension levels. The programs are then adapted to each muscle according to its state of tension.

Smart Adapt

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence analyzes your preferences and readjusts the massage programs to suit your tastes, ensuring that the massages are pleasant and effective, so that they are neither too strong nor too soft.

Dynamic Balance

By means of flexible and dynamic massage heads, the massages adapt to the different muscular tensions present on both sides of the back, thus offering an experience with exceptionally effective results.

Three-dimensional leg massage

KEYTON's patented 'Soft Touch Control' 3D leg massage system simulates the hands of a physiotherapist to improve blood flow and free the legs from heaviness, thus reducing the symptoms of tired legs.

Design and color can positively influence your mood

We have created a collection of customizable designs for you to find and adapt the color that best suits your lifestyle.