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Discover how our massage chairs can help you feel healthier every day.

With more than 35 years of dedication to research, we have managed to consolidate our position as European leaders in the manufacture of high-end massage chairs. This position is based on the reliability of our exclusive technology, the benefits of which have been rigorously proven through scientific studies.

Studies support that regular use of our Keyton massage chairs has a significant impact on reducing stress and muscle tensions, especially providing relief in the cervical and lumbar areas, as well as promoting muscle recovery. This scientific support reinforces the effectiveness of the results.

The first massage chair that adapts to you

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ScanPro Sensor

The TEST function sensor system is responsible for scanning your back before the massages, allowing them to adapt to the state of your muscles.

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No cables, no complications

The new integrated Artificial Intelligence analyzes your preferences and is responsible for adapting the massage programs to your liking.

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Smart Adapt Technology

With just the touch of a button, you can enjoy more pleasant and effective massages, adapted and personalized according to your needs.

Scientifically proven benefits

Relieves cervical tension by more than 21%.

The study conducted by the Biomedical Neuroengineering Research Group (NBIO) of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche concludes that the Keyton massage chair reduces cervical tensions by more than 21%. And recommends its use for those people who in their daily life suffer tensions and overloads in the back muscles, especially in the cervical region.

42% reduction in muscle stress

The study conducted by the Kinesiology Research Unit of the Department of Morphological Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia concludes that the Keyton massage chair reduces muscle stress by 42%. He recommends its use before sports because it delays the symptoms of fatigue, and afterwards, it facilitates relaxation and muscle recovery.

Designed to take care of your well-being and your lifestyle.

Get inspired by customizing yours with more than 560 combinations.

Like everything in your life, your style is a very personal decision. A simple change in design, style, leather color or fabric for your massage chair will transform your environment instantly.






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