Massage loungers for clinical use

The wellness sector has experienced remarkable growth due to increased health awareness. Aesthetic and physiotherapy clinics, spas and operator massage areas in large companies are investing in KEYTON professional massage systems to meet the growing demand for holistic wellness.

Beauty, Dermatology and Aesthetics Clinics

KEYTON’s automatic anti-stress massage loungers are essential to improve results in Beauty Clinics, Dermatology, Aesthetics and Spas. Not only do they elevate the customer experience, but they also allow staff to focus on providing other personalized services.

With specific massage sessions activated at the touch of a button, these loungers are always ready for the next session, thus providing continuous service.

The importance of massage before treatments

According to the study carried out by Dr. Manuel Asín Llorca’s Aesthetic Dermatological Center, KEYTON’s automatic anti-stress massage loungers:

Centro Dermatológico Estético

They increase the average brightness of the face by 30%.


They reduce facial wrinkles by 24%.


Strengthen the immune system.

Gyms and Sports Centers


In addition to relieving the workload by providing high quality automatic massages, these loungers also optimize the results of manual therapies.

Hotels, Resorts and Spas

Professional massage loungers

KEYTON massage loungers for hotels, resorts and spas significantly improve customer satisfaction.


Professional automatic anti-stress massage loungers.
Upholstered in genuine leather.


Professional automatic anti-stress massage loungers. Upholstered in genuine leather.

For operators in large companies

The creation of relaxation areas with KEYTON's automatic anti-stress massage loungers, aimed at employee well-being, increases productivity, motivation, concentration and job satisfaction, and reduces absenteeism.