Keyton H10

The most effective massage chair ever made ®

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The first massage chair that fit to you

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1. Pro SensorScan

Scan your back to fix the massage to your muscles.


2. Dynamic programs

Choose the program that better fit to your style life.


3. Your perfect massage

Start to enjoy your totally customized massage.

Monitor your tension levels

The daily stress and wrong positions makes muscles tensions.

The sensors of the new function SensorScan Pro recognize up to 128 points of your back to monitor your muscle tension levels. After, the programs fits to each muscle of your back, in function of your tension.

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Dynamic programs and customizable

Keyton H10 massage chair has dynamic programs that automatically fits the levels of each massage to your muscles and preferences.

Thanks to this customization, the sessions are more comfortable and effective.



Reduce stress levels



Reduce tension and stimulate the recovery



Helps to a restful slepp



Renews and revitalizes the skin

Neck & shoulders


Relieves muscle tension

Dorsal & lumbar


Relax low side back



Activate the blood circulation

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Benefits just to a click

Benefits scientifically proven

Universidad UMH

Reduces cervical tension more than 21%

The study made by the Biomedical Neuroengineering group of investigation (NBIO) of the University Miguel Hernandez of Elche concludes that Keyton massage chair reduce more than 21% the cervical tension. And recommends its use by people that in their daily live suffer muscular tension in the back, mainly in the cervical area.

Logo Universidad Elche
Dolor muscular

Reduces a 42% the muscular stress

The study made by the Kinesiology research group of the Department of Morphology (Anatomy) Faculty of Medicine concludes that keyton massage chairs reduces the stress a 42%. And recommends its use before Sport activities because delay fatigue symptoms, and after, because helps to relax and recovery the muscles.

Universidad Valencia

Dynamic Balance System

Every people have areas in the back that are with more tension than other depending of its life style.

The Keyton H10 special heads of massage are flexible at the same time that recognize the areas tension. This achieve a massage totally fix to you, near to a physiotherapist do.

Gráfica balance

42% reduction of muscular tensión

Espalda balance


The first artificial intelligence system that memorise your massage preference to give you a unique and totally customized experience.

Masajes piernas

Feel the best massage in your legs

The exclusive system 3D Touch Control internationally patented gives you more pleasant massages with excellent results

This system relieves the heavyness of tired legs and stimulate the blood circulation reducing the incidence of varicose veins.

Remote control no cables and no effort

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Sophistication at your fingertips

The new play function memorize your last session. Relax, push the Play button and start to enjoy a massage totally fixed to your muscles and preferences.

Get inspired
customize yours

As everything in life, your life style is a very personal decision.

A simply change of style, leather color or fabric for your massage chair, will transform your ambience instantly.

More than 560 combinations.

New automatic recline

No needed to keep the buttons pushed to move up and down of the backrest and footrest of your chair.

Now, with a simple and short push, the chair takes you to your favorite position.

Respaldo sillón Reposapiés sillón Posabrazos sillón

Two chairs in one

The Keyton H10 is ready for your best relax and enjoyment. Place the comfort kit when you finish your massage session and use it as a normal chair with maximum comfort.

*Optional accesory

Sillón Dynamic con kit

Traditional Relax chair

Place the comfort kit to increase your relax.

Sillón Dynamic sin kit

Massage chair

Remove the comfort kit for more effectiveness of the massages.

Show H10 technical features

Technical specification & features

CUSTOMIZABLE programs. Back + legs
Play (Remote control)
CUSTOMIZABLE programs. Back
Neck & Shoulders
Lumbar & Dorsal
Play (Remote control)
CUSTOMIZABLE programs. Legs
Quick functions for high comfort massages
Quick Access PLAY Program (Main Control Panel)
TEST function - SensorScan Pro (up to 128 points)
Intelligent adaptation
Simultaneous kneading & Tapping adjustment
Independient Kneading & Tapping adjustment
Kneading & Tapping balanced adjustment
Independent & simultaneous automatic reclining (Fast touch)
Back massages
Half Kneading
Sport Kneading
Soft Kneading
Sensitive Kneading
Half Tapping
Sport Tapping
Soft Tapping
Sensitive Tapping
Combi Kneading + Tapping massage
Combi Kneading + Tapping Balanced massage
Rolling massage
Masajes de piernas
3D TOUCH CONTROL leg massage
Bi-directional multi-leg massage
Leg Floating massage 3 levels
Thighs Floating massage 3 levels
Height adjustment 5
Width adjustment 3
Massage positioner on any point of the back
Partial massage positioner on any point of the back
Special features
Independient reclination
Footrest safety system
SensorScan custom massage 128 points
Data storage system 128 points
Ergonomic Massage System
Movable Top Head
Movement angle Min 75º Max 140º
24 Volt Electrical Safety System (Class II)
Wireless main control panel
Wireless remote control

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