In this section of the website keyton.com (hereinafter "the website"), KEYTON TECH CORPORATION S.L. (Hereinafter referred to as "KEYTON") makes available to the BUYERS (hereinafter the "BUYER") the general conditions that will govern the purchase process of the relaxation and massage chairs offered for sale (hereinafter "the products"). The execution of orders through this website implies the knowledge and acceptance of each of the clauses contained in this writing by the BUYER

Any BUYER has the possibility of ordering KEYTON through the website in accordance with the present Conditions of Sale and the Conditions of Use. Prior to placing orders through the online form of the website is necessary The BUYER's registration (for which you must accept our Privacy Policy).

The BUYER accepts the website as an appropriate environment for the execution of sales contracts with KEYTON and recognizes the validity of the contracts subscribed by this means. If the BUYER acts on behalf of a legal entity, it declares under its responsibility sufficient capacity to act on behalf of the same and to link it in sales contracts such as those that can be held on this website, the BUYER being the only one that will respond to the Legal entity on whose behalf it acts.


The contracting procedure will be carried out in Spanish or English and consists of the following steps.

2.1. Initiation of the procedure and acceptance of the offer by the BUYER.

For shipments with a delivery address located in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, mainland Spain or Balearic Islands (hereinafter "preferred territory"), Submission of the online form. The steps to follow for recruitment by this means are as follows:

  1. Product information inquiry: BUYER can consult information about any of the products offered by KEYTON in the "store" section of the website. This information includes the name of the product and the model, the type of upholstery, images with character indicative only and the price including VAT.
  2. Add products to the shopping cart: to begin the hiring process, the BUYER must click the "Add to Cart" button associated with the product you wish to purchase.
  3. Specifications, delivery instructions and payment method: in the following screen, the BUYER must indicate the number of units you wish to purchase for each product added to the cart, the delivery address, the contact name of the person To which the delivery must be made, as well as the desired form of payment. Before sending the necessary data for delivery, the website will require the BUYER to accept our Privacy Policy. Depending on the parameters selected, the screen will indicate the total amount of the purchase, including VAT. The BUYER must accept the Terms of Sale as a prior step necessary to send the order.
  4. Order summary: When you specify the desired payment method, a new screen with a summary of the order, including the requested products, the units of each product, the purchase amount including VAT and the chosen payment method will be displayed. . It is also specified that purchases made by buyers residing in a non-member country of the European Union are exempt from VAT.
  5. To finalise the contracting procedure, the BUYER must click on the "I confirm my order" button. In doing so, the BUYER accepts the offer of KEYTON with express submission to the present Conditions of sale.

For shipments with delivery address outside the preferred territory, it is possible to contract exclusively by email addressed to the following address: [email protected]. In these cases, the conclusion of the contract of sale will be made exclusively by electronic mail, and the total price of the purchase, including shipping costs (which will depend on the place of delivery), as well as the other precontractual information required by the Law Will be specified to the BUYER by this same means.

2.2. Confirmation of acceptance of the offer.

In case of electronic contracting by sending the online form, upon receipt of the order KEYTON will send to the BUYER, by electronic mail, an acknowledgment of receipt of the acceptance of the offer, which will include a summary of the order and conditions of sale Applicable to the contract, and that will serve as evidence to the BUYER. KEYTON recommends the BUYER to keep a hard copy of the proof of the contract as proof of purchase.

KEYTON will verify the availability of the products requested and the accuracy and security of the data associated with the payment, such as credit card details or other payment details.

In case of non-performance of the contract by KEYTON as the requested product is not available, the BUYER will be informed of the lack of availability and will receive a refund of the amount disbursed under the contract.

2.3. Perfection of the contract.

The contract shall be deemed perfected at the time KEYTON receives the order of the BUYER, which shall constitute acceptance of the offer. However, KEYTON will only ship the requested products when you have received the cash in your account from the purchase price. In addition, KEYTON occasionally manufactures the product upon request, so that in no case will start the production process of this product until the cash in your account of the purchase price.


Shipping is free when delivery address is in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Peninsular Spain or Balearic Islands (preferential territory).

The amount of shipping costs for deliveries to Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or any country other than those mentioned in the previous paragraph will be specified to the BUYER, in each case, by email, after consultation with KEYTON by the same means.

This website allows the purchase of [standard] armchairs (usually available in stock) or custom (hereinafter "customised products", manufactured according to BUYER specifications).

The maximum time for the receipt of the order by the BUYER is:

-      12 working days for products in stock served in the preferred territory.

-      Of 21 days for products in stock outside served outside the preferential territory.

-      60 days for products "customised" with shipping to the preferred territory.

-      75 days for "customised" products served outside the preferred territory.

The deadlines indicated are maximum deadlines; In most shipments KEYTON achieves lower deadlines for greater customer satisfaction. Likewise, it is possible that, occasionally and against KEYTON's will, there may be delays for reasons not attributable to KEYTON. In any case, KEYTON always strives to be able to serve your requests in the shortest possible time.


The prices indicated for each product incorporate Value Added Tax (VAT) and are shown in euros (€). However, purchases made by buyers resident in a non-member country of the European Union are exempt from VAT. Shipping costs that, according to the previous section, may be applicable are not included. In cases where the procurement procedure could be carried out by sending the online form, the total amount of the purchase will be included in the order summary, before the shipment of the same by the BUYER. In case of contracting by email, the total amount of the purchase will be individually specified by email to the BUYER, since, outside the preferential territory, the shipping costs may vary according to the destination.

The prices applicable will be those available on the website at the time of ordering.


Payment by the amount of the purchase made and shipping costs can be made in cash via bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Payment by transfer: You can pay the total amount of the purchase, paying by bank transfer. The payment must be made into the bank account that will be specified to the BUYER once received the acceptance of the offer. In the transfer it is essential to record your data and the order number.

Payment by PayPal: If you have a PayPal account, you can make the payment online through your PayPal account quickly and safely.

Payment by card: You can make the payment of the online purchase by bank card in a fast and secure way, through the Banco Sabadell payment gateway. In this case, from the moment in which the BUYER selects this form of payment, it enters the merited payment gateway and is subject to the conditions thereof, stipulated by Banco Sabadell, and outside KEYTON.

Exclusively for purchasers domiciled in Spain, it is possible to contract the personal financing program of the KEYTON store, which helps to buy the Keyton massage chair by splitting the payment.

The aforementioned financing is granted by the credit institution BANCO CETELEM, S.A. In the case of choosing this method, the contractual relation for the payment is established between the BUYER and BANCO CETELEM. The contractual relationship between the customer and KEYTON refers only to the products and services that the customer has acquired. The option of payment of financing may involve the payment by the client of a commission of formalization and interests and implies accepting that your data will be included in a file owned by BANCO CETELEM in order to manage your request for funding and send you advertising and offers Other products and services. All conditions of the financing as well as the legal rights and guarantees that assist you in the transfer of your personal data to BANCO CETELEM will be informed to the BUYER that wishes to enjoy this service before confirming the order, so the BUYER always You will have the power to accept or reject them before confirming that you wish to pay your purchase by this form of payment.

If the BUYER chooses the financing option, the delivery date that appears on the cart and when making the payment may vary. The delivery could be made later than expected in these conditions due to the time it takes to process the request for funding. When the request is approved, the BUYER will send an email with the final date of delivery.


KEYTON notifies the BUYER that it has the right of withdrawal, which may exercise informing KEYTON by email to the address [email protected].

The BUYER may exercise the right of withdrawal for a period of 14 calendar days from the receipt of the product. This right does not apply to "customised" products, which are manufactured on purpose according to the specifications of the BUYER and whose manufacturing process is initiated only at the request of the BUYER, after receiving your order. The photography of the product is not contractual: Colors may have different shades on different computer screens.

Only returns of products that are in perfect condition, without being used, are allowed. Returns of damaged products as a result of improper packaging will not be accepted (for this purpose, the use of the original packaging is recommended).

The BUYER will assume the direct expenses of the return of the merchandise. KEYTON does not support shipments due.


7.1.- Warranty Termns.

Keyton offers a TWO-YEAR EUROPEAN WARRANTY for H10 series massage chairs, subject to the following conditions:

  1.     Keyton can offer a Technical Assistance service to your address in those areas where you have such service. For all other countries, it offers the necessary parts for the solution of the problem, in addition to an online help technical support.
  2.     The guarantee relates only to the final consumer.
  3.     Chairs subject to warranty must be made available to KEYTON's Official Service for inspection and repair.
  4.     The warranty covers exclusively manufacturing defects attributable to the manufacturer.
  5.     This guarantee does not include any more extensive rights, especially such as change, reduction or compensation for damages or the acceptance of any kind of additional expenses.
  6.     This warranty will be valid only when it is presented with the original invoice and receipt of the sale (indicating date of sale and model) next to the armchair.
  7.     This warranty does not apply if the serial number of the product has been altered, deleted, disappeared or illegible.
  8.     Keyton massage chairs have been designed for domestic use: any use other than that of exclusively domestic use or housing context, will be considered as misuse and damages caused as a result of such use will not be covered by this Warranty and will not be the responsibility of its manufacturer.


-      Misuse, including but not limited to: (a) failure to use the product for purposes other than its own or breach the manufacturer's instructions on use and maintenance (b) installation or use of the product in a manner that does not respect the Technical or safety standards (c) for commercial, professional or other purposes other than normal household use.

-      Adaptations or changes to extend or modify the product, altering the characteristics described in the instruction manual.

-      Defects or breakdowns due to accidental damages such as lightning, water, or caused by corrosive materials, such as acids or solvents, dyes, ink, paint or human or animal physiological fluids; Damage caused by moisture, direct exposure to sunlight and / or heat sources or similar conditions; Improper ventilation or any cause beyond the control of the manufacturer; Or damages caused by burns, cuts, animals or other forms of misuse.

-      Damage caused by wear and tear.

-      Repairs made by unauthorized Service Centers or by the customer.

-      Changes in elasticity, folds, natural spots caused by lesions on the skin, granularity or color variation, and markings on natural leathers; Such as scars, insect bites, wrinkles, folds and veins, as they are distinctive features and signs of the authenticity of the first quality natural skins (which do not receive treatments that modify their natural qualities), so they are never considered as defects.

-      Damage due to negligence of the consumer or inadequate cleaning or treatment of the coating; Damage to the skin or tissues caused by the application of unsuitable chemicals, detergents or softeners.

-      Damage arising from non-compliance with the manufacturer's instructions, or maintenance contrary to the manufacturer's instructions, including those indicated in the manufacturer's manual.

-      Cracking or peeling of the skin.

-      Armchairs and other Keyton products not purchased directly from the official store www.shop.keyton.com.

If, at the time of repair, materials identical to those considered deformed or defective are not available, KEYTON reserves the right to substitute these materials for others of the same quality and economic value.

7.2.- Extensions of Guarantee.

For mechanical and / or electrical parts, KEYTON offers in its official store; Www.keyton.com, extension plans on the EUROPEA legal guarantee of TWO YEARS. Each plan has a cost associated with its duration, which can be consulted on the website. This extension will only be valid when it is clearly indicated on the purchase invoice issued by KEYTON. Only the warranty extensions purchased at the time of purchase of the massage chair from KEYTON are valid.

The plan starts on the expiration date of the original TWO-YEAR EUROPEAN WARRANTY and is subject to the same terms and conditions contained in said Warranty, except in the following limitations:


-      Displacement of technicians, pick-ups or deliveries of products.

-      Upholstery in general.

KEYTON reserves the right to make possible repairs in its own technical service workshops or at the customer's address.


The responsibility of KEYTON for the defects in the products sent will not be in any case higher than the amount of these.

These Terms of Business contain all obligations and commitments that KEYTON has for the supply or, failing that, the lack of supply of Products. KEYTON assumes no liability to the BUYER (or any other parties):

1)   For indirect and consequential damages, for serious or criminal damages and for compensation of other expenses, income, profits, business, profits and Contracts not obtained, or losses with respect to goodwill, enjoyment rights, time, Data, orders transmitted by electronic means or other economic damages (without being applicable to the extent that the current legislation prohibits the exoneration or limitation of liability in cases of intentional fault or gross negligence or any other offenses or errors), except In case of damages resulting from gross negligence on the part of KEYTON, as well as in the case of health hazards, life-threatening injuries and bodily injury...

2)   Inability to order Products or Services through a KEYTON website or other means), 2) damages that may occur due to unauthorized access by a third party to your Order invoice, or 3) damages that may Take place by impersonation of the BUYER by a third party.

The responsibility of KEYTON for the defects in the products sent, will not be in any case higher than the amount of these.

The BUYER may address its claims to KEYTON by e-mail to [email protected].

Those incidents that require intervention by KEYTON technical service must be informed by the BUYER through the "Technical Support" section of the website.


These Contractual Conditions are governed by Spanish Laws.

Any dispute in relation to the same will be substantiated before the Spanish jurisdiction, submitting KEYTON and any BUYER to the Jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Alicante and its hierarchical superiors, expressly renouncing to their fueros if they had it and were different from those outlined.