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Massage chair Vintage H10

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Massage chair with leather and wood blend harmoniously in this striking design with rounded lines created to envelop you. The Vintage H10 is inspired by the style of the prodigious decades of the 60's and 70's without sacrificing maximum comfort. A daring and transgressive design with its own character, perfect for design lovers. A piece as genuine as it is modern and functional.

The wooden arms covered in leather in the upper part, thanks to its ergonomic design, offer a perfect support, both at the moment of the massage, as well as when it is used for rest or relaxation.

Its oval wooden base allows it to rotate 45 degrees in both directions and adds a touch of distinction and elegance. It is very robust, despite its support on a single central point, which gives it a lighter appearance.

The inside of the Vintage H10 has nothing to envy to its neat external appearance. High technology patented by KEYTON, carefully created for your well-being. To offer you comfortable and effective massages on your back and legs. First the Sensor Scan Pro analyses up to 128 points on your back and then, with the exclusive H10 technology, offers you personalized massages on the dorsal, lumbar or cervical area adapted to your physiology and condition. A complete remote control allows you to conveniently and simply select the area or type of massage you prefer each day. An exclusive artificial intelligence system memorizes your daily preferences to provide you with a unique experience at the click of a button.

The Vintage H10 also incorporates an exclusive leg massage system. The 3D Touch Control will offer you enveloping massages to relieve heavy legs and stimulate blood circulation.

Massage or relax in the position of your choice because the backrest and footrest can be automatically and independently reclined to your liking.

Two armchairs in one because, after the massage, with the comfort kit, the Vintage H10 becomes a fun and functional piece of design that adds distinction to any part of the home.

Its customisation possibilities make this model adaptable to all tastes.