Perfectly combines the elegance of leather and the warmness of Wood. Its curved and well-defined shape suits the most demanding and sophisticated environments. This modern and elegant massage chair fits all kinds of houses.


A design that combines the classic lines of the most elegant chairs with more avant-garde forms. The arms of this chair are particulary elegant, with a combination of curved and straight lines, making it a massage chair that defines the surrounding area.


A design that lasts through time despite trends or fashions. Its own personality in its lines makes this model very architectural. Enjoy a massage sesión and reach extreme relaxation levels by having a rest in this chair.


It fuses advanced massage technology with high-quality natural materials, such as 100% natural woods and leathers. It offers perfect moments of massage, rest and relaxation.


It stands out for its oval leather arms that give it a unique identity. It offers an ideal level of comfort both during massages and for rest and relaxation thanks to its exceptional ergonomics.

Technical data H10
Customizable programs Back + Legs
Play (Remote control)
Customizable back programs
Neck & Shoulders
Lumbar & Dorsal
Play (Remote control)
Customizable leg programs
Quick functions for high comfort massages
Customizable Play Program (Remote Control)
Quick Access Play Program (Main Control Panel)
TEST function - SensorScan Pro (Up to 128 points)
Intelligent adaptation
Simultaneous Kneading & Tapping Adjustment
Independent Kneading & Tapping Adjustment
Adjustment Kneading & Tapping balanced
Independent and simultaneous automatic recline (Fast Touch)
back massages
Medium Kneading
Kneading Sport
Soft Kneading
Sensitive Kneading
Medium Tapping
Sport Tapping
Soft Tapping
Sensitive Tapping
Kneading + Tapping combi massages
Combination massages Kneading + Tapping Balanced
Rollin massage
Leg massage
Bidirectional 3D multi-leg massage
Floating leg massage3 levels
Floating thigh massage3 levels
Number of heights5
Number of widths3
Massage positioner on any point of the back
Partial massage positioner on any point of the back
Special features
Independent recline
Footrest safety system
SensorScan personalized massage128 points
Data storage system128 points
Ergonomic massage system
Movable upper head
Movement angleMin 75º Max 140º
24 Volt electrical security system (Class II)
Wireless main control panel
Wireless remote control