Who we are

During many years Keyton fills an exclusive domain in the field of high end massage chair manufacturing with own technology. Innovation is inside DNA the brand with more than 25 patents, where the stress reduction scientifically proven are very important.

Passion for innovation

In 2007 the Keyton and Giugiaro Design teams put together their talents to create a High-End massage chair. Keyton continues to create timeless designs with tomorrow's visionary technology.

Keyton massage chairs are 100% european technology and manufacturing, with trend maker innovations like the first ergonomic robot that autofix to any curve of the back, the Sensor system that recognize the back situation, the 3D legs multimassage, as well, the head massage S-Curve ergonomically perfect for cervical, dorsal and lumbar.

Obsession for quality

World wide, leather and wood are considered as noble materials. Are not affected by trend changes or fashion. Its level of elegance or comfort improve over the years. Without a doubt are the perfect combination for the best decoration or life style.

Dalmata Premium quality leather

Gives a great sensation of comfort with massages and also as a relax function.

Elegant. Extremely soft and velvety to the touch. Fits to the body like a glove.

Texas quality leather

Soft and resistant. Keeps its beauty unchanged during the years.

Carabu fabric collection

Keyton is well known by the quality of its leather used in its massages chairs.

Now you can also choose your chair color in a high quality fabric upholstery. This fabric allow to clean using just simply water. This way, we achieve a simple maintenance in a minimum time.

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